Here I am.

Every few months I will take my camera and do a self portrait. Yesterday was my day for a new one. The weather was perfect and I was outside trying to capture the beauty of the crocuses before they fade away. After that I decided to just play and snap shots of me. Well after about 15 snaps I found one I liked and could live with. Of course I edited it a bit to make it more pleasing. For those who don’t know me or have never met me….here I am. Or in Hebrew we say Hineni. Here am I!


Feeling Smart???

I just wish to thank my friend WendyP over at Scraplovers for the following link…. I love riddles and brain teasers but these are too much. I am up to level 24 of the first batch and I’m stuck for the 3rd or 4rh time since starting these. It has been so much fun though. DD and I sit at night and work on them for an hour or two. She usually gives up before me though.
I consider myself a somewhat intelligent person yet these are not for the overthinkers of the world. The answers are usually right in front of you so you can never find them. I know it is so important to use your brain on a regular basis. I think there are enough of these riddles to keep my brain going for quite some time. I did feel really good last night when DD and I whipped though about 3 of them in a row in less then half an hour.
If you love a good puzzle then you will enjoy this website. It is truly time consuming but a lot of fun!

Cooking Again….The End of the Passover Holiday

Once again I am slave to my kitchen. I think I cook more this holiday then I do the rest of the year. I am now on my second batch of brownies for Matthew and I have a big pot of soup going. Aaron is at the grocery store again getting the rest of the stuff for dinner. Tonight and tomorrow night are Yom Tovim (holidays)again. Tonight we will have a roasted chicken and a mushroom farfel stuffing.
It’s been nice having the extra time off and having the time to spend cooking. I love to cook and bake but most of the time it feels like a chore. I have made some interesting meals this week and I have really enjoyed them and the process.
The best part of the whole thing is that the house smells yummy!

Reinventing Ourselves

How often do we do this? Am I the same person I was yesterday, last week, last year or even the last decade? Where have I been and where do I want to go? Every day I seem to ask myself these questions. What do I know about myself and what is still left to be discovered? First I must say, with each passing day there is something I discover new about myself, through a glance in a mirror or a conversation. I discover things about myself while reading a book or listening to a song. Some things I know have not changed, my love of my family and my religious heritage and beliefs. These are the pillars of my existance. The roots of me that keep me firmly planted. I don’t think I’d be able to withstand life’s stresses without the grounding support of each of them. Yet….through them I am able to make changes that make me an ever growing and changing person. I will not be the same person tomorrow that I was today because of something that I learned today that will effect the outcome of my tomorrow. This phenomenon will make my life forever interesting and evolving. The moment you stop learning, exploring, believing or dreaming is the day you might as well stop living.

What is Wrong with this Picture

It is 6:00am and I am the only one awake. My husband is sleeping soundly and so are the kids. I’m the only one who needed to get up and shower and go off to work. The kids are off from school and Aaron will do some work at his cart job and keep up his job hunting. I am searching out possibilites at work of getting hired in a permanent position. I am looking for a job in a different dept. I love what I’m doing and I’ll miss the people I’ve been working with but I do not see myself answering phones all the time. I need something that will be mentally stimulating. My boss is helping me get a position in the Education and Outreach Dept. I am hoping that comes through. That is ultimately where I would like to be. Arranging seminars and creating bulletins and newsletters. It does sound like fun. I’ll know more later today.

Back to Routine

Back to work, back to routine. The first two days of Passover are over and now I have to return to work, the kids to school. What a busy schedule. Today I talk to my boss about becoming a full time employee. I don’t know if that is what I truly want to do but just in case we need the health insurance. It will also open up some overtime possibilities. Hopefully there will be some kind of opportunity for me there. Time will tell. I just cannot see myself answering phones every day for the rest of my life….although it is a good job. I guess I just have to see where this path might lead me in the future. Who knows….It can blossom into something fun….anything is possible.

He Did It

Matthew passed his road test today! He now has his drivers license….Now we can put him on our insurance policy and he is good to go! Whooo hoooo! I have a little more freedom now. This is so exciting. I can’t wait for him to start getting himself places!

A Whole New World

Every time my life changes I just start a new blog. I cannot just pick up where I left off. It makes no sense to me. So once again I am trying this out. I hear 3rd. times a charm. Let’s see if I can keep this going.

So what caused this sudden change in blogging again. Well I’ve been inspired by many things. First I went blog hopping yesterday and really liked what I saw. So I decided I wanted to try again. Nothing special or exciting, just people telling their stories of their everyday lives. Well I need to tell my story too. Not that I think anyone wants to hear it, nor do I think I have anything exciting to say….Just because I want a space to do it!

Second, is my life is back in a whirlwind and I think the whole world needs to know about it. Yep. I too go through ups and downs, and I don’t really talk much about the downs, but I am now. DH got laid off from his job. I don’t know if we will see the effects immediately but I do expect if he doesn’t find a job in a month that things will get tight around here. We were just getting things up and going when this happened. We had hopes of starting to work on the house, we are on our way to saving for Jillian’s Bat Mitzvah and then this. Why can’t we ever stay on top. What did we ever do to deserve this. OK, enough of the self pity. At this point it is what it is and there is nothing we can do……So DH is home again looking for a job. He has so much determination I’m sure he will be interviewing soon.

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