I am just so excited for tomorrow….I’m waking up really early to drive to the ferry to visit Martha’s Vineyard for the first time.  I’ve never been there and I am so looking forward to the trip.  The ferry departs Wood’s Hole at 8:15 am and arrives at the Vineyard at 9:00am.  I can’t say the trip is all fun, I have a leadership development day for New England Region of Women’s League Executive Board.  It pays to be a Vice President.  Although we will all be working together we will still have some beach and tourist time.    I have already packed my sunscreen and bathing suit.  I even bought a new outfit to wear when I go. 


TAG! I’m It

Let me start by saying “Thank You” To my dear friend Mackey for tagging me and making me blog this weekend.  Ok!  I really have nothing to say so I will just get into the tag…..7 Random Thoughts!  Wow!  Where to start…..

So this is how it works. I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right?  These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1.  Today is the day I am putting all my loose Scrapbook pages into albums.  AC Moore had cheap top load albums on sale for $3.88 so I went and bought 4 of them.  Yes! You read right 4!!!  I have 80 some odd pages not in albums.  I am sooooo bad!

2.  I am totally amazed at how well my weight loss plan is working.  I have hit the 25 lb. mark!  Whoooo Hoooo for me!  I think I deserve that.  I would love to lose another 25 but I think just 10 would make me eccstatic!  I have been cheating all weekend but I also want to see how much stuff I can eat without gaining a lot of it back.

3.  Today I spent more money on Scrapbook Supplies.  When does it end.  The constant need for new and pretty things.  There was a great clearance sale at Scraplovers (If you go quick it is still going on) and I finally bought everything in my cart.  The good thing is all but two items were still available.  I was afraid it would have all been gone.  It was my lucky day.

4.  I shop for scrappy money.  Yes…..When my husband got laid off he discovered the world of mystery shopping.  Stores ask normal everyday people to go and evaluate their stores and staff.  So I go, ask questions, try things on, occassionally make a purchase which they reimburse you for and fill out a questionaire.  Then about a month later they Pay-Pal you.  I use that money to support both my habits, scrapping and shopping!  The best of both worlds.

5.  Jilli is really growing up.  She went to her first Bar Mitzvah party last night without Mom and Dad.  She has another one next weekend.  Not only that but I was busy so she was home alone to get herself dressed and ready to go.  She did her clothes, hair and makeup without any help and she looked beautiful.  It is so fun to watch as they grow into their own person.

(two to go)

6.  I bought my husband clothes for Father’s Day and the sad thing is that I don’t know if I bought him the right size.  I’ve lived with him for 20 years and I have no idea what size he is now.  I know what size he was the last time I bought him something but I know he’s put on weight since then.  He does most of his own shopping.  I am really hoping he likes everything.  If he doesn’t I know he’ll lie and tell me he does.

7.  I am going to see Abba in concert this summer!  There are a group of us that are all going.  I think we got 7 tickets.  Five of us girls and two of the husbands are going.  We are going to have a blast.  I can only imagine how old they are now.  It should be a fun night out.

Whew I did it…..I spoke about me in 7 different thoughts.  I don’t think I share that much about me ever.  Thanks Mackey for the fun activity….Now to see who I can tag!

OK!  It’s not quite 7 but here are the friends I’ve tagged so far…..Karen, Suzanne, Tracey, Rhonda, Joy

So Much Yet So Little

What a week:  Just follow along and read about all that has been happening in my world.  It’s been a whirlwind of activities that I’ve been wanting to blog about but never found the time…..so….now I have the time!

 Monday:  Memorial Day

While families are out celebrating and grilling we spent a quiet day at home…well not really at home.  In the morning Jillian and I spent the day preparing for this…We planted our vegetable garden.  Aaron and Matthew cleaned out the garden area when Jilli and I went off to buy some good soil and the plants.  This years crop will bring about Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Eggplant, and Romaine Lettuce.  I can’t wait for it all to start growing.  I get so impatient once the plants are planted.  This is my summer excitement.

Tuesday:  Back to work but not as Ordinary

Since Aaron lost his job I have applied for a permanent position with my company.  There were no positions available in my department so I had to apply to a different one.  Well I haven’t been fully hired yet but they needed some hands over there so I got transferred there early.  I am now officially off the phones.  No more listening to angry doctors who do not know how to bill their claims so we deny them.  I’m now working in Provider Enrollment processing applications for New Docs who want to be Medicare providers.  Whooo Hoooo.  I love this job. (Oh and did I mention when I do finally get hired I get more money!)  The best thing about this dept is that there is flex time.  My hours just changed so I am working 7:00 -3:30.  I’ll be home an hour earlier.  When the permanent position starts then I am eligible for flex time.  I can work 7:00am to 6:00pm one day and leave on Friday at 1:00pm.  That leaves me more playtime!  I can’t wait for that to happen.


Matthew got a summer job today!  I am so very proud of him.  He will be working this summer at the new Target opening in Easton.  He filled out his application and went for an interview and they loved him.  They are starting him above minimum wage and asked if he would work the cash register.  That is amazing for a kid who has never had a job before.  I am so impressed.  Can you say “employee discount!”  I also told him he had to check the $1 spot for document boxes on a regular basis!  That was his job for me.

What a Handsome Crew

I DO (but would “I DO” again)

img_3336.jpgAs I sit here on the cusp of attending the 50th wedding anniversary of my In-Laws I wonder…..If the opportunity arose would I marry the same person I married originally all over again.  I’ve been thinking about this alot since in 6 1/2 hours my In-Laws will be renewing the vows they took 50 years ago.

Aaron and I are about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in 1 month.  I love him more then anything else in the world.  We have had a wonderful life together and raised 2 beautiful children.  I would not ask for anything to be different.  When I took my wedding vows 20 years ago they were for life.  There is no experation on love, devotion or commitment.  When I took this vow it was until death do we part.  We have been survivors, of emotional issues, financial issues, and so many other factors and yet we have stayed the course…..Together forever.  So why do this again? 

Are You Looking For Me

Guess where I can be found this weekend.  Hanging out with all my favorite people at  non other than the Scraplovers 5-5 Scrap – n- Jive NSD Weekend Crop!!!!


If you are a scrapper and looking for awesome challenges and great prizes you’ve gotta check this out.  Amazing and talented people hang out here.  Paper or Digi….we love you all!  Venture over to …..


A Successful Day

sign_photo.jpgToday my friend Karen celebrated her 50th birthday.  We did what most girls do when one is celebrating a birthday….We took Karen to lunch and went shopping!  Boy did I get some great bargains today.  I went to all my favorite stores….Coldwater Creek (just returned some stuff there!  I’ve been shopping online with them for two weeks now!), Ann Taylor Loft – Great bargains, a brown skirt for next winter and a tank top and cardigan, Kohls (just picked up some stuff for Jillian), J Jill – a pretty top to go with the brown skirt and then we hit the Talbots outlet where I got a skirt and sweater.  I think I’m all shopped out for a while.  We really all had a wonderful day.  Spending time with friends is always a great day!

Totally Over my Head

OK.  So I am trying out this new blog place.  So far so good.  It has lots of features some of which I’m not sure I will ever use.  I will play some more when I have more time but I am up and live!  Let me know what you think.  I’m still a little unsure.  Maybe if I figure out all the features I’ll feel more comfortable.

Love it or Hate it!

Modern technology definitely has its pros and cons. Throught modern technology I was able to enjoy Jillian’s shopping trip to New Jersey with my mother right along with her. They went to get a dress for her to wear to her Bat Mitzvah. Every dress they tried on that they liked they took a picture with Jillian’s cell phone and text messaged the picture to me. I was able to be at work and shop along with them. It was truly enjoyable. Here are the results of the shopping trip. Jillian made out well! I absolutely am indebted to my mother for taking the time to spend with her doing this.

Now for the cons. Matthew stayed home during vacation week to look for a summer job. He went for a haircut, put on nice clothes and went to the mall in search of a store looking for a hard working kid. At each location he was told they don’t take applications in person anymore, he needs to go and fill out an application online. I thought that was aweful. How do we teach our children the right way to dress and act in these situations if they are just told to fill out an application online. How do they get to know the child they are hiring. There are no first impressions, no personal touch. I thought that was terrible to do to a kid looking for his first job. I just don’t understand it.


Today I am driving 4 hours to have dinner with my parents and then driving 4 hours back home.

In the words of Gnarles Barkley…..

“Does that make me crazy?Possibly”

In living so far from my parents we have come to realize that we all need to make some sacrafices in order to see each other. It is not the first time we are doing this round trip meal deal! We do it quite often.
This week is school vacation week and Jillian in visiting with my parents. We are dropping her off with them tonight and picking her up from them on Friday. This week Jillian and grandmom are going shopping for her Bat Mitzvah outfits. I’m hoping Jillian will take a camera with her so I can see how she looks in all the pretty dresses she tries on! I know this will be a special time for both of them. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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