A Successful Day

sign_photo.jpgToday my friend Karen celebrated her 50th birthday.  We did what most girls do when one is celebrating a birthday….We took Karen to lunch and went shopping!  Boy did I get some great bargains today.  I went to all my favorite stores….Coldwater Creek (just returned some stuff there!  I’ve been shopping online with them for two weeks now!), Ann Taylor Loft – Great bargains, a brown skirt for next winter and a tank top and cardigan, Kohls (just picked up some stuff for Jillian), J Jill – a pretty top to go with the brown skirt and then we hit the Talbots outlet where I got a skirt and sweater.  I think I’m all shopped out for a while.  We really all had a wonderful day.  Spending time with friends is always a great day!


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  1. Lynn Anne said,

    April 30, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Sounds like a dream! I’ll be having a girls’ night Thursday, but it’ll be packing and cleaning to help my bff move .. from an hour away from here to a MILE away! Funny how life works and it’s a Good Thing!

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